About Us

Our mission is to help developers create beautiful apps in the most efficient and fast way.

Monday Hero is a technology company that builds developer tools for mobile developers. Developers —whether working as talented freelancers or part of a team at new startups, agencies, enterprises — use our software to convert Sketch designs into UI codes, whether they like it and save time for sophisticated engineering work.

Every Great Startup starts with a Brilliant Idea for an Important Problem.

In mid 2018, we started Monday Hero with a single bold mission — To help developers create beautiful apps in the most efficient and fast way.

So, what is the problem we solve?

Every new design of a mobile app, or new additional screens that will be added to existing mobile app, developers repeat same set of actions. They analyze the screen design, get the measures of paddings, fonts, colors, export assets, deal with pixels and implement those bunch of tiny details to their project source code.

After a while, developers are repeating the same set of UI codes, creating lists, detail pages and so on. These detailed and predictable works consume precious engineering time. ⏳

We’re the team of dedicated professionals who love to create — code & design — UI for astonishing apps. But sometimes and most of the time, Coding user interfaces is time-consuming and open to bugs especially if you’re working in a fast-paced development environment. So, we started building a system that designers can upload their design files, developers can define their coding styles and preferences - we know they have so many, because we’re developers too 😉- to create well-crafted UI code by their own style.