Choose A Plan That Suits Your Team

The average salary of a developer is ~ $6,000/mo in the USA. You can save up to 50% of the development time using Monday Hero. So, save $3,000 with a $10 subscription.

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1 Project/app (Swift or Flutter)

1 seat

$10/additional projects

Unlimited System & Custom / Reusable components

Export assets(png)

Code Export




Everything in Starter, and:

6 projects/apps (Swift & Flutter)

2 seats are included, $30/additional seats

AI Assistant with convert to React, Kotlin, SwiftUI capabilities

AI Assistant pre-ready prompts for adding validation, fixing bugs, and more

3,000 tokens/month for AI Assistant

Handoff design files to developers

Manage teams and roles

Export assets (png, pdf, svg)


Everything in Team, and:

Unlimited projects/apps (Swift & Flutter)

Unlimited seats

AI Assistant to convert into React, Kotlin, SwiftUI more

AI Assistant with pre-ready prompts for adding validation, fixing bugs, and more

30,000 tokens/month for AI Assistant

Unlimited System & Custom / Reusable Components

Early Stage Company?

Eligible startups can get code from Monday Hero for up to 2 projects & 2 seats and accelerate the development process. It starts from $30/mo for up to one year.

Introducing MVP & Prototype Creation Service starting from $30!

Want to turn your design into a functional MVP or prototype without diving into the technical details? Let us handle the heavy lifting! Upload your design, and our experts will transform it into a working prototype for you. No development knowledge needed. Experience a hassle-free transition from design to product with Monday Hero's new service.